Odysseus™ Network:


The Training, Exercise, and Management System (TEAM) allows for the delivery and tracking of learning, whether by training courses or conducting exercises, across the Odysseus™ enterprise.

The Odysseus™|TEAM provides a flexible infrastructure that:

  • Delivers trainings and exercises to a number of simultaneous users,
  • Allows for the management of user profiles, transcripts, and catalogs of available and completed courses or exercises,
  • Offers a variety of course assessments and awards certificates upon participation or successful completion of courses,
  • Facilitates collaboration using discussion forums, chats, and online conferencing in and outside the classroom environment,
  • Provides in-depth reporting and easy-to-interpret dashboard analytics, and
  • Serves as a content management library of current and past courses and exercises for future use and reference.

Your Odysseus™|TEAM can be branded to resemble your community's program and fully integrated with the Odysseus™ enterprise or other existing sites or systems. Your programs, courses and exercises can be harmonized with your planning and preparedness efforts while facilitating your strategy to deliver training and exercise content to your target audience.

The Odysseus™|TEAM provides a cost-efficient and effective method to deliver preparedness content. Odysseus™|TEAM's cutting-edge technology will impress your organization's leadership and serve as an integral element of your modern and comprehensive emergency management program.