Odysseus™ Network:


Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists public health departments in the development and enhancement of Pandemic Influenza Plans, and provides strategic and operational measures that guide client’s management in the unfortunate event of a Pandemic Influenza event.

This initiative directs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to implement programmatic improvements to the Public Assistance (PA) Program, to include assistance in the development and delivery of debris management plan training and technical assistance to state, local, and tribal governments and private non-profits. This initiative provides an incentive-based pilot program to raise the awareness, capability, and capacity of local, state, and tribal governments to manage disaster and catastrophic events.


Odysseus® Implementation & Integration:

Clients have successfully utilized ISC’s Odysseus® system, which facilitates the fusion of the Pandemic Influenza Plan within the much broader Public Health Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning format. Additionally, Odysseus® helps to streamline the planning process by eliminating unnecessary redundancies and ensures adherence with compliance requirements. Clients have also benefited from the implementation of Odysseus® by allowing them to selectively grant access to hospital partners and other key stakeholders in order to foster a collaborative partnership with the end goal of maintaining an appropriate regional and community-wide level of cohesiveness and steady-state of readiness.

Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Planning Development:

In addition to implementing time-tested and research-based solutions, Pandemic Influenza Plans are designed to be compliant with the current regulatory doctrine established by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other relevant regulatory agencies.

Operational Analysis and Improvement Planning:

As part of ISC’s commitment to exceed expectations and assist in the development of strategically and operationally enhanced Pandemic Influenza or other health-related emergency management plans, clients have benefited from ISC’s gap analysis services, which involve identifying the variance between clients’ current strategic and operational capabilities relative to the most recent regulatory or programmatic compliance standards.


Chicago Department of Public Health:

ISC collaborated with CDPH to expand the scope of the Pandemic Influenza Emergency Planning project despite an expedited schedule in order to meet the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) submission deadline for the Pandemic Preparedness Grant program. ISC received praise from the client for the willingness to make significant modifications to the project schedule and scope with short notice, and the ability to still exceed client expectations.

Chicago Department of Public Health:

Utilizing ISC’s web-based planning tool, Odysseus®, the CDPH Pandemic Influenza Plan was incorporated within CDPH’s Comprehensive Health Emergency Plan. Through the use of Odysseus®, CDPH was also able to share the Pandemic Influenza Plan with key stakeholders, including other Chicago departments, Chicago hospital network, neighboring jurisdictions, and state and federal partners. These partners had the ability to share resources, provide input, and ensure consensus of Chicago’s strategic and operational measures for a pandemic outbreak.