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Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) provides a broad range of emergency management, comprehensive planning, and other related support services to governmental and industry clients of all sizes.

Specifically, ISC is focused on developing and implementing comprehensive crisis and consequence management solutions by providing a variety of services, such as program management, comprehensive operational and strategic planning support, training and exercises, program development and delivery, policy definition and analysis, grant management, organizational and hazard-based assessments, and other special studies and support functions.


Proven Track Record:

ISC has a proven track record of providing clients with Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. Our continued success is sustained by providing our clients with “proven solutions” and exceptional services.

ISC is client-focused and purely dedicated to the field of comprehensive emergency management, public health, homeland security, and the disciplines that support it. We offer clients with a unique, unmatched, and valuable team of committed and experienced professionals. ISC is renowned for its structured, proven, and integrated approach, which is supported by superior knowledge and demonstrated emergency management expertise.


DHS: Federal Emergency Management Agency:

ISC’s unique and recognized expertise has made itself a valuable partner to provide nationwide professional support services in carrying out the statutory authorities of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and support the National Response Framework.

DHS: Federal Emergency Management Agency:

ISC provides instructor support services in the delivery of disaster operations, planning, exercise, and training sessions. FEMA Headquarters has routinely recognized ISC staff as premier instructors that provide proficiency and knowledge of disaster operations.

Various State-level Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agencies:

ISC has successfully executed a variety of state-level emergency management technical support services including training, programmatic compliance technical reviews, planning support, and development and implementation of state-wide programs and strategies that align with competing federal directives and initiatives.

Various State-level Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agencies:

ISC prepared a State-level, enhanced All-Hazard Mitigation Plan in accordance with 44 CFR Part 201.5 (b) (2) (iii), enabling our clients to obtain FEMA-State enhanced grantee status. ISC has a perfect track record of receiving approval from the FEMA on its initial submission ensuring the timely receipt of post-disaster federal funding.

Local Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agencies:

ISC has been awarded several "as needed" emergency management consulting services contracts with local emergency management entities.

Local Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agencies:

The objective of these services is to support our clients in the development of Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) that comply with Federal, State, and local emergency management programmatic requirements within a framework that will facilitate an appropriate level of steady-state readiness.