Odysseus™ Network:


Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists public health departments to develop, update, and expand their Public Health Comprehensive Emergency Management Program by integrating proven solutions to increase the level of preparedness and prevention by implementing an all-hazard and comprehensive operational approach to planning.

This approach maintains the focus of the program’s two primary objectives, which must be balanced for success. They are: (1) attain and maintain an appropriate level of preparedness and prevention operations; and (2) ensure a high-level of compliance with significant Federal, State and local planning guidance. This high-level of preparedness and prevention operations enables public health department leadership, personnel, and units to efficiently increase the scope and tempo of standard “day-to-day” actions to execute effective response and recovery operations.


Odysseus® Implementation & Integration:

Clients have successfully utilized Odysseus®, ISC’s integrated electronic planning platform, to ensure comprehensive integration of all emergency planning doctrines in a consistent and operational format. The Odysseus®system has received praise by clients and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its ease of use and ability to ensure regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Planning Development:

ISC has consistently provided a flexible framework for the All-Hazard Public Health Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), which is supported by a robust planning system that can be easily maintained, updated, and expanded based on the needs of the client, such as the implementation of new programs. ISC also consistently provides clients with a CEMP that integrates operationally practical and coherent SOPs and support functions for key areas of public health department emergency operations. CEMPs are developed in complete compliance with the most current industry-recommended guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning and NIMS.

Committee and Workgroup Governance Development:

In order to ensure CEMPs complement existing emergency management doctrine within a client’s jurisdiction, ISC facilitates the collaboration between public health departments and relevant coordinating agencies in order to maintain an appropriate level of cohesiveness and steady-state of readiness.


DuPage County Health Department:

ISC provided operationally practical and coherent ESFs and SOPs for critical areas of DuPage County’s Health Department emergency operations, including, but not limited to: Mass Care, Special Populations, Surveillance, and Responder Health and Safety.

DuPage County Health Department:

ISC facilitated and maintained a collaborative and cohesive relationship between DCHD and DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to ensure the CEMP complements existing emergency management doctrine.