Odysseus™ Network:


Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists clients to develop All-Hazard Mitigation Plans that identify and integrate essential mitigation strategies and actions for natural, technological, and political (terrorism) hazards.

The All-Hazard Mitigation Plan is developed in accordance with the latest requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000), while also incorporating key strategies identified in the National Response Framework and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiatives, directives, and strategies. ISC has documented success that this approach to mitigation planning not only enhances the quality of a community’s hazard mitigation plan, but also improves its ability to be operationalized and implemented in a post-disaster setting.


Odysseus® Implementation & Integration:

Odysseus® provides a platform that facilitates consensus building and outreach, ensuring programmatic success by improving the operational effectiveness of our client’s hazard mitigation program. Odysseus® provides a solution for the challenges of implementation, integration, and maintenance of hazard mitigation plans.

Program Management and Support:

ISC has a continued record of success in executing hazard mitigation plans on schedule and at budget. ISC has a perfect record of receiving exemplary marks and approval from governing bodies upon initial submission of the hazard mitigation plan.

Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Planning Development:

ISC incorporates a multi-federal agency approach that provides clients with comprehensive all-hazard mitigation solutions for their extensive network of assets and critical community investments. Using Odysseus®, ISC provides clients with a flexible structure that facilitates the integration of a comprehensive emergency management design that is in a consistent and operational format.

Risk, Vulnerability, and Capability Assessment:

ISC recognizes that the risk, vulnerability, and capability assessments essentially serve as the foundation for the All-Hazard Mitigation Plan. ISC incorporates a researched assessment of a community's profile and risk assessment that utilizes sophisticated modeling programs, providing the essential building blocks of an effective comprehensive emergency management program.

Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Technical Support:

ISC provides a planning framework for the All-Hazard Mitigation Plan that complements and facilitates the integration of other emergency operational planning doctrine, while still meeting the requirements as outlined in the DMA 2000. ISC is a leader of integrating multiple state regulatory requirements and federal directives in order to provide a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan that is operational in a post-disaster environment, ensuring a successful integration of hazard mitigation into disaster recovery operations and strategies.

Committee and Workgroup Governance Development:

Clients rely on ISC’s expertise and the Odysseus® system to establish and assist in the management of planning committee activities. ISC uses its time-tested method of establishing an effective governance structure that recognizes authority, team building, and a constructive and productive environment.

Community Outreach and Preparedness Development:

ISC has successfully executed large, sophisticated public outreach strategies for all hazard mitigation planning efforts in urban and regional settings. ISC has documented success in implementing public outreach strategies that utilize mass media and public forums, build community consensus, and enhance the effectiveness of hazard mitigation planning.

Grant Management and Procurement Support:

ISC has developed several Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Administration Protocol and Procedures that comply with the statutory requirements of 44 CFR Part 201.5 (b) (2) (iii). Our comprehensive mitigation strategy leverages funding programs from various Federal entities, enhancing the effectiveness of a government’s hazard mitigation program.


Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF):

ISC was able to meet the demands of an expedited schedule and developed a state-level, All-Hazards Mitigation Plan that was reviewed and accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on its initial submission.

Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF):

The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s (STOF) All-Hazard Mitigation Plan provided the initial and critical steps toward identifying strategies and actions to ensure resiliency of STOF’s critical assets, including urban and rural reservations and its Hard Rock Café & Casino multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF):

Using GIS and other hazard modeling programs, ISC evaluated the effectiveness of mitigation alternatives for critical community assets including airports, tourism and gaming facilities, healthcare networks, and other essential community needs and critical infrastructures.

Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF):

ISC prepared STOF’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Administration Protocol and Procedures in accordance with 44 CFR Part 201.5 (b) (2) (iii) - enabling STOF to obtain FEMA-State grantee status under Sections 404 and 406 of the Hazard Mitigation
Grant Program.