Odysseus™ Network:


The Odysseus™ Consulting Partners Program enables consulting and technology partners to share in the continued success of our company.

By becoming an Odysseus Consulting Partner, you will gain access to our knowledge base and cutting-edge technology to support your efforts in providing services and technological solutions.

Our Odysseus Consulting Partners Program delivers our portfolio of SaaS, experiential knowledge base, and solutions offered by our robust, yet flexible and intuitive, Odysseus™ technology platform. Our Odysseus Consulting Partners Program will serve as a differential force in your consulting engagements, providing your clients more for less and a competitive edge for you. Our Odysseus™ technology is a tested and proven method that will reduce effort, increase collaboration, and promote innovative and unique solutions to the modern challenges of your client.

As an Odysseus Consulting Partner, you're an extension of our team. We have designed the Odysseus™ Consulting Partner Program to be mutually beneficial, fair and equitable. Our Odysseus™ Consulting Partnership Program gives you the tools to deliver outstanding customer success as well as build a profitable consulting business.

The Odysseus™ Consulting Program offers two levels based on your pledge and level of maturity of your business. Based on your commitment level, our partnership will range from access and utilization of our technologies to access to not only our technologies but also our resources, infrastructure and/or business support. Our partnership with you is customizable to meet your needs and to ensure optimal success for both organizations.

Systems Partnership

Gain access to our Odysseus™ system, technical support and training. Offer your clientele an industry-leading technical solution that will differentiate you from your competition and offer efficiency in delivering your services.

Premier Partnership

In addition to gaining access to our Odysseus™ technologies, you will gain full access to our knowledge base, research-based solutions, corporate resources and business infrastructure. This collaborative partnership will also allow your organization to share in our growth and success by not only sharing in our consulting engagements but also financially benefiting from the development of additional platforms and modules.

Become an Official Odysseus™ Reseller Partner and market, sell, and support Odysseus™ in specific markets, regions, or client types

By becoming an Odysseus™ Reseller, you'll expand your market services or increase your portfolio of SaaS Technologies.

As an authorized Odysseus™ Reseller, you'll have the flexibility to determine the level of your involvement throughout the procurement, implementation, and support of our SaaS Odysseus™ technologies. Introduce Odysseus™ to existing or potential clients and refer to them us or take a more active role by not only selling Odysseus™ but also maintain client relations and technical support. Either option will allow you the necessary flexibility to successfully incorporate the Odysseus™ system into your catalog of solutions and various levels of commission. Odysseus™ offers your organization:

An Industry-leading Technology

Odysseus' robust platform and unique architecture, makes it an industry-leading program management and collaboration tool in multiple market areas including emergency management, homeland security, public health, hospital, community planning and development, engineering, and many other public and private service areas. By being an authorized Odysseus™ Reseller, you will benefit by expanding your SaaS technologies and offer your client's a proven solution.


Ready Access

We are committed to ensuring you and your team are equipped and ready to represent Odysseus in front of your customers. As an authorized Odysseus Reseller, you will have ready access to our webinars, tutorials and training sessions that will elevate your and your customer's understanding of the Odysseus solution.

Continued Revenue Sharing

Our lucrative Odysseus Reseller Program gives you multiple ways to build your revenue opportunities, depending on your involvement in the sale, implementation and technology support process.


Our Investment in Your Success

Our team of experts offers you the support you need to be successful as a Reseller. As an authorized Reseller you gain access to our Knowledge Base portal which gives you an extensive library of products and resources you can offer clients or use to build your business.

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Teaming Partnership

We are proud to have a very strong collaborative relationship with many corporate partners. Whether it is a single project, multi-year program support, or a joint venture, we have partnered with consulting and technology companies to offer a competitive advantage and to share our synergistic technological and consulting service solutions. Apply Today!