Odysseus™ Network:


The Human Asset Manager (HAM) is a personnel management module that enables effective organization, education, training, skillsets and deployment activities of volunteers, partners, and other operations support personnel.

The Odysseus®|HAM module tracks personnel information including contact information, demographic relationships, certifications, training history, strike team membership, and exercise and response experience is recorded, allowing for emergency management personnel to effectively engage interested personnel in preparedness activities, appropriate assignment of personnel during a crisis, and search volunteers and other personnel based on experience, skillsets, and availability.

The HAM enables effective tracking of personnel information by shifting the responsibility of information tracking from department leadership to personnel.  Users and logged personnel are notified automatically to update their profile and personal information.  To effectively engage all interested parties, dormant users are automatically encouraged that their active participation is vital to the community.  This efficient method of engaging community stakeholders increases the emergency manager’s efficiency in updating vital contact information and maintaining important relationships with key stakeholders, partners, and volunteers throughout the community.  The Odysseus®|HAM also provides the ability to verify the identification and credentials of personnel at a response site and ensure their appropriate assignment to support specific operations.  The HAM has the ability for pictures of personnel to be uploaded within their profile.