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In today’s environment of fiscal conservativeness, limited availability of resources, and the necessity to balance competing demands, it is imperative that emergency manager's effectively engage a community's committee members and efficiently manage the administrative expectations of coordinating their involvement.

The Odysseus™|Committee Manager Tool (CMT) offers emergency managers with a unique management tool to:

  • Ensure the active participation of committee members and key stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation,
  • Document the involvement of committees and stakeholders in preparedness efforts,
  • Coordinate, announce, and track meeting schedules, and synchronize these meeting dates with industry standard calendar tools,
  • Track the correspondence and collaboration of committee members throughout plan development, maintenance, update and improvement,
  • Serve as an archival repository of planning meeting minutes and historical preparedness information and data; and,
  • Manage the assignment of committee tasks and activities

The Odysseus™|Committee Manager Tool offers users with a easy-to-use method to facilitate on-going participation and monitor program activities, efforts, and progress.